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      Taidu Group and the Chinese Academy of Engineering academician Yu Mengsun innovation team signed a long-term strategic cooperation agreement- Academician workstation
    Academician workstation overview
      Hebei Jia Feng vegetable oil Co., Ltd., Hebei Zi Feng Biotechnology Co., Ltd., respectively, through the efforts of the Chinese Academy of engineering, respectively, signed the establishment of academician Zhang Tong academician workstation cooperation agreement. Yu Mengsun is currently the vice president of the Chinese Academy of Biomedical Engineering, is the founder of China's aviation biomedical engineering, aviation medicine and biomedical engineering experts. Academician workstation established in the county to enhance the quality of peptide products and health care products processing level, but also for the county to introduce talents to carry out research cooperation has played a positive role in promoting.
    Job content
  • (一)To carry out industrial and enterprise development strategy consulting and technical guidance;
  • (二)Around the development of enterprises need to solve major key technical problems, the organization of academicians and its innovation team and corporate R & D personnel to carry out joint research;
  • (三)The introduction of academicians and their innovative team of technical achievements, in the enterprise to carry out the transformation and industrialization, cultivate independent intellectual property rights and independent brands;
  • (四)And academician and its innovative team to build graduate training base, joint training of innovative talents.
  • Academician Yu Mengsun
    •   Yu Mengsun, male, born in March 1936, Han nationality, Shanghai City, graduated from the air force military medical school in 1953. Professor, Institute of Aeronautical Engineering, Research Institute of air force aviation medicine, Peking University. As a member of the Standing Committee of the people's Liberation China Army Medical Science Committee, member of the National Invention Award, the progress of science and technology awards committee, professor and doctoral tutor of The Fourth Military Medical University, Beihang University Professor, honorary chairman of China biomedical engineering institute.
    • Yu Mengsun is committed to more than 50 years of aviation biomedical engineering research, and has made outstanding contributions to the development, innovation and development of China's aviation biomedical engineering. Many of his achievements to fill the gaps in the country, some of the results in the international leading position. Yu Mengsun is an expert in aviation medicine, founder of China Aviation Medicine Engineering, biomedical engineering pioneer and academic leaders. In 1999 was elected as academician of Chinese Academy of engineering.
    • Won the national science and technology progress one or two prize, the national invention of the three or four prize of the 1 items;
        Provincial and ministerial level scientific and technological progress of one or two awards, such as the 9;
        Military science and technology progress award;
        By the Chinese people's Liberation Army's first major contribution to the professional technology award;
        Won two 2 times, 5 times three;
        1991, enjoy the government special allowance;
        1996, was the first major contribution of the Chinese people's Liberation Army professional technology award;
        November 1999, was elected academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering;
        In 2002, won the HLHL prize.
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